SUP Quick Release Leashes

Are you using the safest SUP leash set up?  SUP safety has been heavily discussed in the past few years, as more of us take to the water in the fastest growing water sport of the decade. In canoeing and kayaking, the thought of attaching yourself to your craft is considered ludicrous yet in the world of SUP it's widely considered the safest option.  Being linked to our paddleboard certainly has it's benefits. Much like a surfboard, when we're separated from our board it won't disappear off into the distance with a leash firmly attached to our body. Without a secure connection between us and board, we can be rendered stranded hundreds of metres away from dry land. An inflatable SUP, or iSUP, is lightweight and without us on the board, can travel quickly with wind or water flow.  We don't just need to think about how the leash is attached to us but also the type of leash we're using. As with any piece of equipment, we should ensure the leash is undamaged across it